Keep the pressure up!

LOBBY: April 17th 2013: 1-2pm – Entrance to Tower Building
166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB

Dear supporters,

As you know thanks to the overwhelming support our campaign received Jawad, Steve and Max were reinstated on 12th and 13th of March. We won reinstatement, but now they want to discipline Steve and Max.

The day Jawad was allowed to return to work, the VC wrote to all staff to say:

“I am pleased to say that one part of that investigation is now concluded. It was into the trust and confidence that the University, as employer, could have in Jawad Botmeh, as a research manager, and I have ruled that the University can have that trust and confidence. Please welcome him as he returns to work today.”

Shamefully, however, the University followed this up with a further investigation, despiteĀ  Jawad resigning from the Board of Governors, and also decided to discipline Max and Steve with ‘Serious Misconduct’ charges in relation to their role in appointing Jawad.

Jawad was then interviewed for a fourth time – this time by the outgoing Director of HR, Lyn Link – and then he was forced to wait another week to find out they are not pursuing any further action against him.

That’s the good news – Jawad is not being disciplined!

We know we were able to get management to back down when they suspended all three – now we can get them to drop all charges against Max and Steve too.

We are calling for another Lobby demanding the ‘serious misconduct’ charges against Steve and Max be dropped.

There is no case to answer: this farce must end and the University should apologise and announce a new timetable for election to the Board of Governors.

Thanks for your ongoing support. Please forward this to all your networks.

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