URGENT – call to action – reinstate Jawad Max & Steve TODAY!

Dear friends

URGENT: Jawad has his second hearing today!


At 4pm TODAY Wed 6th March


We need you to tell the Vice Chancellor a simple message

‘End the witch hunt!

Reinstate Jawad, Max and Steve!



You can send him this simple message by any or all of these and do it NOW so his office are in no doubt (pls be polite) that today Jawad has your full support:

Fax: 020 7133 2476

Phone 020 7133 2001


‘Like’ this page on Facebook

And post a link to our blog:


Email the VC

m.gillies @londonmet.ac.uk


‘PCS general secretary, Mark Serwotka told a public meeting held near the university last night: “What is at stake here is that an incompetent management, when everyone can see that a tissue of lies this is, can get away with victimising or ultimately sacking people on such a trumped up set of charges.

“I cannot think of a more important reason for trade unions everywhere to get behind this campaign.

“Because if we can stop it here, it sends an equally powerful message to everybody on our side, which is – when we stand together we can win and stop them in their tracks.”

For a full report of our packed rally last night, see here: http://union-news.co.uk/2013/03/london-met-meeting/


You! And now tell your friends and family – pls fwd this to everyone you know.


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