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Subject: Reinstate Jawad Botmeh, Max Watson and Prof Steve Jeffreys, Working Lives Research Institute employees, London Metropolitan University.

Dear [Insert Name of MP]

In 2003 28 MPs signed Early Day Motion 111 http://www.parliament.uk/edm/ 2003-04/111 regarding the unjust convictions of Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami, who were convicted in connection to the 1994 Israel Embassy bombing in London. A campaign which, not just MPs but  Amnesty International UNISON’s National Delegate Conference in 2003 and many others supported.
After being released in 2008 Jawad applied for and was given a job at the Working Lives Research Institute (WLRI) at London Met University. Naturally Jawad declared his conviction when he applied for his post. He has been with us for 5 years now and is a valued and well-respected colleague and friend. He was recently elected as a staff representative on the board of governors.
However in response, the University management has suspended the following people who are now at serious risk of dismissal:
  • Jawad Botmeh, Research Manager at the WLRI & elected staff governor;
  • Max Watson, Administrator at the WLRI & London Met UNISON Branch Chair;
  • Prof Steve Jeffreys, European employment relations academic, Director of the Faculty Advanced Institute for Research (FAIR) and Head of WLRI.
This is, in my opinion (and one that is shared with a large number of London Met staff and external supporters), a witch hunt and attack against not only the three suspended members of staff but also:
  • the WLRI;
  • London Met University UNISON branch and the right to workplace representation;
  • the right of those with convictions to work after serving a prison sentence (regardless of whether the conviction was just or not);
  • academic freedom and social justice.
Please support our campaign to reinstate Jawad, Steve and Max in any way you can. Please consider writing to:
You can also help in the following ways:
Professor Steve Jefferys, European employment relations academic, Director of Londonmet’s Faculty Advanced Institute for Research (FAIR) and head of WLRI, was suspended on Wednesday 20 February for ‘potential gross misconduct’. Five years previously, he had agreed that Jawad Botmeh should have the chance of going forward to be interviewed as a part-time casual administrative worker on a temporary three month contract in WLRI, when Jawad had a criminal record (he had served 13 years on a conspiracy charge).
Jawad Botmeh, after working for five years to the complete satisfaction of all staff and post-graduate students who worked with him, was overwhelmingly elected to the Board of Governors as one of two staff representatives. Two weeks later, on February 7 he was suspended. Max Watson, a WLRI administrator who is also Chair of the Londonmet UNISON branch, was also suspended on February 7. Max had been recently singled out by the Vice-Chancellor in an all staff email because of UNISON’s opposition to the involvement of Capita in the university’s Business Process Review.
Steve, Jawad and Max have broken no university rules. They have all been entirely open and honest with the university. Professor Jefferys had the authority to make casual appointments. There were no procedures suggesting he should discriminate against former prisoners. Jawad had twice informed the university in writing of his earlier prison sentence and conviction and this evidence is on their files.
The WLRI was set up by Londonmet to undertake ‘academic, applied and socially-committed research and teaching emphasising equality and social justice into all aspects of working lives. We believe now is the time for the university to be ‘FAIR’ to the Institute and its staff. These suspensions are an attack on the principles of staff rights and representation, on social justice and on academic freedom.
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Yours sincerely

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