London Met UCU members email 21/02/13

Dear All,

Many member may already be aware of the suspension from work of three
members of staff at London Met's Working Lives Research Institute Max
Watson (also Chair of UNISON London Met), Jawad Botmeh and Professor
Steve Jeffreys. This followed an 'investigation' arising from
'concerns' about Jawad's appointment at Working Lives that were
identified by London Met management following his successful
nomination as Staff Governor.

UCU had been hoping that London Met Management would see sense and
reverse the suspensions of Max and Jawed following Steve's
disciplinary hearing yesterday. Sadly they chose not to take that
course and instead have taken the action of suspending Steve.

The attached leaflet provides details concerning the situation. UCU is
clear that this is an attack on human rights, trades unions and
academic freedom. UCU is also clear that none of the three valued
members of staff have done anything wrong.

UCU are aware that there is every possibility of considerable
sensationalist journalism arising from this latest self-inflicted
London Met reputational disaster. The leaflet attached to this email
is in the circumstances very sober and straightforward. We would ask
you to circulate this as widely as possible within London Met and

We still hope that representations from various channels will lead to
our management backing down on the basis of human decency and common
sense. We are sure that all UCU members will feel the same and we hope
that you feel able to make representations to management yourself to
that effect.

More communications from UCU on this subject may follow later, but we
hope in all sincerity that these will quickly prove unnecessary.

Cliff Snaith UCU London Met Secretary
Mark Campbell UCU London Met Chair

Sent on behalf of UCU London Met Coordinating Committee
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